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While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this book, the publisher assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained in it. You use it to create animations, to display video on a website, to create handheld apps, or to build a complete web-based application.

Ativador nero platinum 2017 free download the help panel opens, click Using Flash Professional. Starting Flash You start Flash just as you would any other program—which means you can do it in a few different ways, depending on whether you have a PC or a Mac.

Installing the program puts Flash CS6 and its related files in the adobe flash professional cs6 shortcut keys pdf free download with your other programs, and you can start it by double-clicking its icon. You can create a shortcut or drag the file to the taskbar for quicker starting. You Flash can make an alias or drag the file to the Dock for quicker starting. Figure The Flash Professional workspace is divided into three main areas: the stage, the timeline, and the Panels dock.

This entire window, to- gether with the timeline, toolbars, and panels, is sometimes called the Flash desktop, the Flash interface, or the Flash authoring environment.

As you type, Windows searches for a match and displays a list with programs порекомендовать intuit quickbooks enterprise 2021 price сначала the top. Most likely, the Flash program is at the top of the list and already selected, so just press Enter. Otherwise, use your mouse or arrow keys to select and start the program. As you type, Spotlight displays a list of programs and files that match. Flash Most likely, the Flash program is at the top of the list and already selected, so just press Return.

Otherwise, приведенная ссылка the mouse or arrow keys to select and start the program. When you first start Flash, up pops the Welcome screen, shown in Figure This screen puts all your options—like starting a new document or returning to a work in progress—in нажмите для продолжения handy place.

For good adobe flash professional cs6 shortcut keys pdf free download, Adobe includes some links to help references and resources on its website. See page for more advice. Clicking one of the little icons under this option lets you create a Flash document using a predesigned form called a template.

A template helps you create an animation more quickly, since a Flash developer has already done part of the work for you. You can find out more about tem- plates in Chapter 7. As you create new documents, Flash adds them to this list. Clicking one of the filenames listed here tells Flash to open that file. Clicking the folder icon lets you browse for and open any other Flash file on your computer.

Figure Several of the options on each menu include keystroke читать that let you perform an action without having to mouse all the way up to the menu.

Clicking one of the options listed here lets you create a brand-new Flash file. Most of the time, you want to choose the first option, ActionScript 3. ActionScript is the underlying pro- Starting gramming language for Flash animations.

The current version of ActionScript Flash is 3. You can use the ActionScript 2. For details on the file formats for different Flash projects, see the box below.

Frequently Asked Question Understanding Flash File Formats Why are there so many different options under Create New on has the programming options and support for making the Welcome screen?

What are they all for? The other options are for special Flash projects nothing but ActionScript, for use with a Flash animation ; targeted to specific devices, like iPhones, iPads, or Android a Flash JavaScript File used to create custom tools, panels, devices. Some options are for specific programming needs, like commands, and other features that extend Flash ; or creating an ActionScript class. Integrated Runtime tools page Use the Air for iOS option.

Clicking the Flash Exchange link under this option tells Flash to open your web browser and load the Flash Exchange website. There,you can down- load Flash components, sound files, and other goodies that you can add to your Flash animations. Some are free, some are fee-based, and all of them are created by Flashionados just like you. As you might guess, these links lead to materials Adobe designed to help you get adobe flash professional cs6 shortcut keys pdf free download and running.

Click an option, and your web browser opens to adobe flash professional cs6 shortcut keys pdf free download page on the Adobe website.

The first few topics introduce basic Flash concepts like symbols, instances, and timelines. Farther down the list, you find specific topics for building applications for mobile devices or websites AIR. First, focus on the three main work areas: the stage, the timeline, and the Panels dock.

Then you can gradually learn how to use all the tools in those areas. One big source of confusion for Flash newbies is that the workspace is so easy to customize. You can open bunches of panels, windows, and toolbars. You can move the timeline above the stage, or you can have it floating in a window all its own. Adobe, in its wisdom, created the Work- space Switcher—a tool that lets you rearrange the entire workspace with the click of a menu.

The thinking is that an ideal workspace for a cartoon animator is different from the ideal workspace for, say, a rich internet application RIA developer. The Workspace Switcher is a menu in the upper-right corner of the Flash window, next to the search box. The menu displays the name of the currently selected workspace; when adobe flash professional cs6 shortcut keys pdf free download first start Flash, it probably says Essentials.

Start Flash. Flash opens, displaying the Welcome screen. See Figuretop. From the Workspace menu near the upper-right corner of the Flash window, choose Classic. The Classic arrangement harkens back to earlier versions of Flash, when windows administrative tools download free timeline resided above the stage Figurebottom.

If you wish, go ahead and check out some of the other layouts. Choose the Essentials workspace again. The stage takes up most of the main window. On the right, the Panels Workspace dock holds toolbars and panels. Figure Top: The Essentials work- space is the one used throughout this book. Bottom: The Classic workspace shows the timeline above the stage, a look familiar to Flash Pro veterans.

In adobe flash professional cs6 shortcut keys pdf free download Panels dock, click the Properties tab and drag it to a new location Workspace on the screen. Panels can float, or they can dock to one of the edges of the window. Drag the Color and Swatches toolbars to new locations.

Like the larger panels, toolbars can either dock or float. You can drag them anywhere on your monitor, and you can expand and collapse them by clicking the double- triangle button in their top-right corners. Flash has dozens of windows.

For more details, see page From the Workspace menu, choose Reset Essentials. The workspace changes back to the original Essentials layout, even though you did best to mess it up. As shown in Figurewhen you use the Essentials workspace, the Flash window is divvied up into three main work areas: the stage upper leftthe timeline lower leftand the panels dock right.

Menu Bar Like most computer programs, Flash gives you menus to interact with your docu- ments. In traditional fashion, Windows menus appear at the top of the program window, while Mac menus are always at the very top of the screen. Using these menu choices, you can perform basic tasks like opening, saving, and printing your Flash files; cutting and pasting artwork or text; viewing your project in different ways; choosing which toolbars to view; get- ting help; and more.

If you prefer, you can also drag down to the option you want.



Adobe flash professional cs6 shortcut keys pdf free download


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