Best Email Marketing Agency In Surat

Email marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses email to promote your business’s products or services. It can help make your customers aware of your latest items or offers and advertise your brand. Email marketing is the most effective marketing tool. To make sure to use this wisely, we Aditya Intellectual – the best email marketing agency in Surat serves you the best of digital marketing service. Unlike spam, direct e-mail marketing reaches to the one who is interested in your product or are your business area of expertise. With around 4 billion+ e-mail accounts worldwide, the reach your brand can gain is immense. It is a way to reach thousands of potential consumers directly.


Best Email Marketing Agency In Surat
Best Email Marketing Agency In Surat
  • It is a low-cost form of direct marketing.
  • Businesses of all sizes can afford it and gain from it.
  • It provides a feasible way of enhancing brand awareness and sales at the same time.
  • Email marketing is an ideal platform to personalize the connection with the customer and increase engagement.
  •  Gives the company an excellent platform to share various promotional content, be it an image, video, or brochure.
  • Offers us the timing of delivery and segmentation of the audience and, that process of e-mail automation significantly improves click rates.
  • It delivers your business idea with attractive graphics, texts, and links to the people who may not have heard about your brand but still deal with similar products as you are.


There are some points that you have to keep in mind to have a successful e-mail marketing campaign.

Email marketing is on the rise:

This form of advertising is currently experiencing an upswing. Even though news-letter has decreased in functioning, social platforms have not yet managed to put an end to digital marketing. Newsletters often help customers buy your products or use your services. Therefore, e-mail marketing plays a significant role in marketing your brand.

Modern email marketing is individual:

As users are increasing day-by-day, many users check their e-mails via mobile every day. Responding to them one-to-one is a great way to make them feel special but, the mails should meet the technical requirements too.

Individual email marketing is prior:

If you want a successful e-mail marketing campaign, then reduce the number of recipients on the one hand and concentrate on the recipients that are relevant on the other. It won’t be a problem at all these days to tailor the e-mail to the needs of each recipient. Resulting, the chances of success for this form of marketing are much better for you. By taking these all steps we can get your business to new heights by providing the e-mail marketing agency to serve you better.


To begin with any marketing format, you need a strategy on how to implement that plan. Therefore, these are some of the IMPORTANT steps you need to keep in mind while strategizing about e-mail marketing.
  1. Know your audience.
  2. Stay compliant.
  3. Be relevant.
  4. Always verify your list.
  5. Be as brief as you can.
  6. Personalize
  7. Never stop A/B testing.
Know your audience: You exactly need to know about your audience. What are they looking for or what they want or what are their needs. If you send your product e-mail to random, then it will be spam and won’t be successful at all. Stay compliant: Make sure you send the e-mails to the desired users only. Be relevant: A proper segment of messages can help you convert potential users into your customers. Always verify your list: Keeping your list clean will guarantee high deliverability, open rate, and good sender reputation. Plus, it lowers bounce rates and will save your money on sending invalid e-mails. Be as brief as you can: The user is less likely to spend much time reading your e-mail. It should be a short and to the point message so that the user try to seek more information.

Personalize: Your e-mail should be one-on-one that creates a sense of an e-mail being designed specifically for them.

Never stop A/B testing: Run testing campaigns so that you get to know more about your audience. knowing what performs better will lead to higher conversion.


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