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Email Marketing: Start Gaining Professional Clients Today.

With 4 billion+ email accounts worldwide, the reach one can gain is immense

Email marketing has been around for a long time and for good reasons. It has proven to be the most effective way of connecting with leads and converting them into potential customers.

What Email Marketing is, if you ask us, it is an effective digital marketing method of sending product/service-related emails to convert prospects into customers. Email marketing became an essential tool for marketing since the rise of the internet. Its direct approach and excellent conversion rate have made it a reliable marketing technique.

Now after understanding what email marketing is, the next pop-up question of yours must be, “Is Email marketing good for my business?” If your business is a B2B module business or your business/services have the target audience with professional/higher authorities, the answer would be yes.

Social Media Marketing works almost every time, but that’s the thing, ALMOST every time. For your business, a more professional approach is logical, hence email marketing.

Email is the currency of the web, and thus

  • There are about 4billion+ email ids (compared to a 2 billion+ social media users).
  • An email delivers your message 90% of the time (compared to other platforms).
  • Email marketing holds an unbelievable engagement rate.

An email drives more conversion than any other method because of its click rate. Lastly, the ROI achieved through bulk email marketing service is better because the investment is low, and one can send through highly personalized messages.

At Aditya Intellectual, a prime email marketing service provider in Surat, firmly believe that there are many advantages of email. Now the question which arises is,

“How Email marketing is apt?”

  • It’s a low-cost form of direct marketing.
  • Businesses of all sizes can afford it and gain from it.
  • It provides a feasible way of enhancing brand awareness and sales at the same time.
  • Email marketing is an ideal platform to personalize the connection with the customer and increase engagement.
  • It gives the company an excellent platform to share various promotional content, be it an image, video, or brochure.
  •  It offers us the timing of delivery and segmentation of the audience and, that process of email automation significantly improves click rates.

The last and the final question for Email marketing is, “When to use it?” There are various strategies in which email marketing can be used.

It is used when the company wants to build a relationship with the customer or suppliers. Secondly, it promotes content like offers, brand value videos, newsletters, and reviews.

Nurturing leads and retaining them for a more extended period to drive conversion is also where email marketing plays a vital role. It’s of utmost importance for any company to run email campaigns to rank themselves on search engines. A platform like Google is known to prefer brands with high customer engagements.

The team of Aditya Intellectuals is well versed in handling email marketing as we have dealt with both international and national clients. We know what’s best for business and understand the specific needs of each industry. Our campaigns are known to garner leads from unknown sources and bring a fair amount of leads to convert. Our team’s efforts in email marketing services in Surat have made several clients gain profitable business worldwide.

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