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To begin with, let’s first understand what lead exactly is. Well, a lead is anyone who shows significant interest in the company or product. When any survey is conducted on a particular topic, the replies to that become potential leads for selling comparable products. There are several types of leads. The major ones are as follows:

  • Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL): The ones who came in contact with your marketing team but are not ready to receive a sales call. These are mostly collected from the landing page of the site.
  • Product Qualified Lead (PQL): These leads are the ones who have used the company’s product and are inquiring about becoming a paying customer. They are collected by giving free usage of the product for a certain period of time.
  • Sales Qualified Lead (SQL): These are the ones who have taken actions that indicate their interest in becoming a paying customer. An example is a person who has filled out a form asking questions about the product.

Now, with a good enough knowledge about what a lead is, let’s get to know what lead generation is all about. It is the process of gaining attention towards the product or brand by methods such as blog posts, events, content marketing, and offers. A lead generation is a core form of all digital marketing processes. It is the base on which a blueprint is built now for that you need the best lead generating company in Surat.

The lead generation process starts by finding out where your target market ‘lives’ on the web.

The lead generation strategies differ based on the product or the company’s vision

It’s of utmost importance to target the right customer, increase awareness, collect valuable prospects, and enhance brand loyalty. There are two purposes of lead generation, the first being increasing traffic and the second being convincing them to buy a product.

The method begins by researching and finding out where the potential exists. After this comes hitting the existing potential by various practices such as social media posts and emails to bring them to the landing page via CTA (Call to Action) buttons and forms; this can also be attained through images and messages that encourage them to take action. The landing page needs to have valuable information to convert a prospect into a customer. This is where experts are required to deliver best-for-business content to gain attention and optimize sales.

We at Aditya intellectual have vast experience in lead generation, and our methods are proven to generate great results for our clients. Our work with international and national clients has given our team unique exposure, which has resulted in forming specific plans for each industry. To improve lead generation, aside from traffic, we tend to focus on quality content since it is vital for driving leads that is why we are the best lead generating company in Surat. The placement of the funnel also plays a crucial role in gaining optimum results. We follow a 5 step approach, acquiring, nurturing existing leads, scoring on each lead, passing leads to the sales team, and evaluating the whole process

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