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To start the conversation again, simply ask a free computer games download for windows 10 question. My Logic Pro X continually crashes. Just shuts down without any seeming cause.

Not just Logic Pro X crashes, but it instantly and simultaneously shuts down the iMac as well! I have every app turned off except for Logic Pro X but I also get along with the “without-notice” crashes some that say “System Overload”.

I do NOT have a lot of junk, nor do I have a lot of thins working in the backgorund. I thought Mavericks was supposed to “compress” memory and reduce the workload. Doesn’t seem to work on MINE! I am running a brand new iMac with 8 Gb memory, so why all the crashing? It does save my work automatically when it dies, but this is crazy.

Any ideas of what is causing this. I am not the average idiot who doesn’t have a shred of computer knowledge. I actually work on Macs and that’s why this is such a logic pro x high sierra crash free as to why Logic Pro X goes into sudden death every few minutes. Any ideas are welcome. Posted on Nov 13, AM. Жмите content loaded. Nov 13, PM.

Thanks for responding Yes, I do have all the additional content downloaded. And as far as the interface goes, it is a class compliant newer PreSonus unit, so there are no updated drivers that I know of. I will check their website though just in case. Only addon’s are iZotope plugins for Mastering, but had this ссылка before adding them. I had the same problem while running Mountain Lion which I failed to mention earlier, and was hoping the update to Mavericks would be beneficial.

Good thoughts on what might be the logic pro x high sierra crash free though. Thanks for your input! Still looking for cause of this system crash and shutdown with Logic Pro X. Nov 14, AM. Press the Go button.

Remove the com. Note that if you have programmed any custom key commands, this will reset them to the defaults. You may wish to export your custom key command as a по этому сообщению before performing this step. See the Logic Pro User Manual for details on how to do this.

If you are having trouble with a control surface in Logic Pro. Nov 25, PM. Those two files do not exist on my iMac. I even did a Spotlight search and no such animal. Any idea why it’s missing? I am without a doubt certain there is no com. Nor is there a file called com. As mentioned, these files do not reside in either User or System Libraries.

No com. I can’t even pull them up with a Spotlight search. It appears it may be due to Kernel Panic looking at the crash report. It’s really frustrating. It seems as though the files could be found with the Spotlight search. I didn’t hide the files or anything like that, so they should show up; but it looks like they do not exist. Maybe tha’ts part of the problem. Do you know what would make them disappear?

And if they did, why they aren’t rebuilding? I really appreciate your help. Nov 26, PM. Do you have a machine with an optical drive?

Can you boot from the optical drive with the latest OSX system disk you have? I would perform a “verify disk” then repair permissions. Nov 27, AM. I know this is a far fetched but ever considered a RAM fault? Try a RAM test software that checks that; maybe there are faulty cells which Logic trys to access and then crashes. I believe FAF will find it and it’s location may prove to be a clue as to why you are having issues.

Also, did you at some point with your new Mac, use Migration Assistant to move data over from your old to your new Mac? Thanks for the link I used the free file finder and it found both files com.

They were found in the System Library and not in the User Library. I searched in the System LIbrary before and did not find them, but that’s where the File Finder program located them. But, logic pro x high sierra crash free I mentioned, that is where the File Finder located them. Last night I did try one of Apple’s “fixes” on the Logic Troubleshooting page on Apple Support and re-installed just Logic Pro X from the App Store, which may account for the files appearing in the System Library, but what I am led to understand from Apple is that they need to be in the User Library, and that’s not where they are.

I did not use Migration Assistant to move data to my iMac Logic pro x high sierra crash free wanted this one to be it’s own entity and not a copy of my other Macs.

No problems with 9. In addition, I had considered it could be a RAM issue. My iMac only seems to crash consistently with Logic Pro X though. Whenever I do get a crash on logic pro x high sierra crash free program, the report usually lists Kernel Panic as to why the Mac shuts off and restarts.

But that’s just a theory. There was no need to do that It’s been awhile since I deleted 9 and don’t recall now how I deleted it. Yes, I could have kept it, and I kept all the rest of Logic Studio 9, but heard if you do a clean install of 10, it would run more efficiently.

Most of http://replace.me/7833.txt projects I wanted to keep were done in 64 bit anyway and seem to transfer smoothly to 10 if I ever need them.

I am going to try deleting the files as you recommend. I recall this is ссылка на продолжение similar fix logic pro x high sierra crash free was used on iWeb a few years ago when it would act up or not even open at all. Will post my results after a few runs with the fix in place. And as a possibility, I will also separately run Apple Hardware Test. Thanks for responding. Nov 27, PM. Community Get Support.

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All replies Drop Down menu. Loading page content. User profile for user: Scorpii Scorpii. A couple of ideas. Did you download the additional 2G of basic content or just the LP app? Without that 2G [approx] LP won’t run. Do you have an interface with older drivers not logic pro x high sierra crash free by LP X?

If these suggestions don’t resolve your problem hope that you find the cause, regards, Scorpii. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. User profile for user: Pancenter Pancenter.



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