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PPC: Pay Per Click, a service used as per your digital marketing campaign requirement. There are multiple ways to gain business or potential leads, but PPC always shares more fruitful results.

Of course, it works best only if a PPC Expert is doing it, and that is the reason why you are here (at the right place) because

  1. Either your previous PPC campaign didn’t work as expected.
  2. Or you want the experts to do it for your Brand.

In both cases, we assure you that you have come to the right place, and from now on, the graph will only go upwards.

Types of Pay Per Click Campaign

  • Search Result PPC Campaign

Fun Fact: Did you know that Google is the most searched website in the world. Most of us (if not all of us) search for everything they are looking for on google.

When Google, or any search engine in general, shows us the results, the first few results are allotted to the ads. After that, all organic search results appear.

Now there is, of course, a high probability that without SEO or constant SEO, your website won’t make it to even the top organic results! At that time, this PPC can give you an instant advantage, as with the right PPC campaign, your ad will appear on top, and you will have a higher chance of gaining business than your competition.

  • Product PPC Campaign

Whenever you are bored or require a new smartphone, you will do detailed research over the internet and your friend circle.

After shortlisting a few smartphones, it’s time to get the online prices or compare them, and just when you search it, you will be offered different website’s same phone’s price ad in a carousel.

People love window shopping, and Google knows that, and that’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Product PPC campaigns are a big hit.

With the right and accurately structured Product PPC Campaign, you can attract instant buyers or people who are more likely to purchase the product in the upcoming days.

  • Display Ad PPC Campaign

You might be familiar with this type of advertisement if you’re a regular website visitor of websites like news, media, articles, etc.

They are the most simplistic, but also highly effective kind of PPC ads type. If you’re reading something on the website, and you’re on the page for a while, you will notice the ad back and forth even unintentionally. If the graphics are well made, and content is appealing, this kind of PPC Campaign shares extremely fruitful outcomes.

  • Social Media PPC Campaign

Social media is where people come to spend time to feel fresh and stay in touch with their loved ones. A brand will not only generate lead or gain business from this particular PPC style, but they also might earn likes or followers over their social media handles with this.

This was an overview of the most successful digital marketing method. Get the Best ROI through PPC Management by Aditya Intellectual, the best Google ads management service provider of Surat.

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