Customer Service

In previous decade, people used to opt companies depending on cost, or the commodity or amenity offered. But in today’s era, 89% of the organizations anticipate to compute chiefly on the basis of consumer experience.

Furnishing considerable consumer support engages astonishing consumer experience, especially when consumer team not just focus on consumer’s complications but also predict it.

Consumer expect various kinds of statics or reinforce service from an organization. Consumer’s involvement is also required in various sectores such as sales and marketing.

Aditya Intellectual takes care of the consumer’s desires by supplying and distributing executive, obliging, high standard service and support in each suration till the customer’s requirements are fulfilled.

  1. Reinforce: Our expert team provides reinforce service that includes solving debiting queries, accepting request, operating ledger, entering new consumers and filing protest.
  2. Trading: We provide effective trading service that includes departing emails, merchandising research and election, replying received emails and organizing trading crusade.
  3. Vending: We provide vending service which includes incoming and outgoing sales, chatting and call-backing on internet and co-surfing.
  4. Practical support: We provide various technical support like data validation, aiding application, location reformation and trouble solving.
  5. Consumer analytics: We are also indulged in consumer analytics includes gain analytics ans protest analytics.

Dedicated Support Team

Not only great service but we also provide the best support.