Pre-Sales Support

Is yor firm’s CEOs are in a constant hunt for growth but certain occasions are often missed even though they are promising, then you might be lacking at your Pre-sales. We have researched that firms with efficient presales potentials consistently achieve win rates of 40-50% in current business and 80-90% in resumption business.

Firms usually detach consumers because their sales team is occupied and are unable to respond promptly to mass inquiries. That’s when Aditya Intellectual comes to Rescue….

Aditya Intellectual efficiently helps your company to provide resolution preparation or Management plan based on consumers requirements, product indication, proof of concept creation, creation of Marketing documents and other activity required to generate business.


Our pre-sales support team is excellent in assisting your organization to achieve those dreams in terms of attracting broad-spectrum of consumers that you have visioned for your company.

We are specialized in:

  1. Revelation: Discovering faults in business problems of the clients.

  2. Composition: Preparing a software presentation or a custom-made presentation required by consumer that meets the needs of the customer.

  3. Affirmation: A prototype of the sales person’s product that addresses the consumer’s buisness troubles.

  4. Request for Proposal(RFP): Due to RFP, presales team have detailed understanding of product suite.

  5. Marketing aid: Presales and marketing department are closely aligned. Presales could create the technical detail for use in marketing collateral.

  6. Product management assistance: Presales providers exceptional feedback to the product manager which could be useful in product agenda items.

  7. Propositional aid: Presales will complete the business surveys and technical elements of a sales scheme.

For futher information or querry regarding ourPre-Sales support services feel free to contact or e-mail us.

Dedicated Support Team

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