The Impact Of Video In Your Marketing Strategy

Before the advent of digital marketing, marketing was limited to print marketing or marketing
through electronics such as TV, radio, etc. As a result, the reach was quite limited and was
mostly restricted to a particular city or a state.

But with digital marketing changing our lives, the marketing process has widened its
dimensions and can reach the homes of everyone irrespective of the city, state, or country
where they live in.

Digital marketing has many facets to it. You can approach any digital marketing company
in Surat, and they will give you a brief on how they plan to market your product or service
on the digital platform. Every product deserves a different kind of digital marketing strategy,
for which it is best to hire a social media marketing agency in Surat.

However, in today's times, owing to the magic of the Internet, one can learn digital marketing
through YouTube videos or by enrolling in some digital marketing courses. While you need
to learn about the basics of digital marketing, this article will help you understand how
making and including videos in your digital marketing strategy is beneficial and what impact
it has.

Today, everyone is on social media, be it on Facebook or Twitter. It is undeniable that social
media has given a platform to small businesses to grow and diversify into bigger ones. You
will come across videos on Facebook talking about a new product or service that comes into
the market. This is a part of that company's or business's marketing strategy online. When
you approach a social media marketing agency in Surat, they will also reiterate the same. It is
time to delve into how video plays a vital role in digital marketing strategy further.

Impact Of Video On Digital Marketing

1. Self Explanatory

It is recommended by most digital marketing companies in Surat that you should include
videos in your digital marketing game; you don't have to put posters or extended captions

explaining your product or service and how it benefits others. People spend a lot of time
being glued to their phones, watching different videos. You can put up a video that will be
self-explanatory and will provide all the necessary details that a prospective customer needs
to know before trying your product or services.

But it is also essential to know the technique of how to make the video engaging. The first 1-
2 minutes of the video should be made to keep people hooked to the video. If you don't put
up an engaging or exciting introduction, they will most likely scroll past your video. This is
why one should take help from a social media marketing company in Surat, as they will
know how to make a particular video engaging.

Depending on your target audience, you can make the video so that people easily understand
it. One technique could be to make an animation video as they are more likely to catch
people's eyes.

2. Gets The Laziest Person Interested 

If you are a lazy person or know someone lazy, you would be aware that they have a minimal
attention span. Lazy buyers cannot read your long paragraphs or go through your colorful

But one thing that will get them interested in the video provided it is made correctly. In
today's world, people like everything to be in action. Many research studies have shown that
people prefer video marketing as one of the best forms of digital marketing. It catches not
only your eyes but also awakens your hearing senses.

3. Helps In Building Trust

Social media marketing agency in Surat is all about building the trust of prospective
buyers. You have to understand that the buyers don't see the product or the service physically.
You will come across so many people who are not very open and are pretty skeptical about
purchasing goods and services online because of the enormous fraud that goes around.

You have to ensure that you build the trust and confidence of the people, and one way of
doing that is through video marketing. It will be even better if you make a video of yourself
talking about the product or service and opening yourself to questions and queries.

In this manner, they will feel connected with you and are more likely to trust you. One of
your goals in digital marketing should be to foster long-term relationships.

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