In the modern competitive world, Businesses are getting near to each other. It’s hard to build a base for a business without being on the web. The main reason for having a user-friendly web design is to give the user a pleasant experience. A website design company handles making user-friendly web design. There’s a growth of web development company in Surat. Website designers in Surat are continuously growing in numbers, Which is creating competition in the market. One of the best website design company in Surat is Aditya intellectual. It is a digital marketing company that helps in SEO, social media marketing, digital marketing, web designing, etc. They offer some ultimate tips to make a user-friendly website design.

Building a sample navigation scheme

The most critical aspect of a user-friendly website is navigation. It helps in navigating a user effortlessly through your website. You should remove multiple layers from the menu; makes it simple for the user to gather information.

Info should be readable

Everyone has plenty of useful information to deliver, But cannot convey it in a user-friendly way. The website should be scannable. The use of font also matters a lot. The information should be short and easy to read.

Ensure quick loading

Website load time plays a significant factor. The website should not take much time to load. To make a quick load website, the company should remove all the additional elements. The company should also compress the codes, Which helps in reducing HTTP responses.

Make the website mobile friendly

In this growing era where people are getting close to mobile phones, Making a website mobile-friendly is a must. To search the information on the internet, most people use mobile devices these days. 

Prefer one colour scheme

A one-color scheme ensures brand consistency. Users can identify your company as authentic. That also helps users relying on your information. Multiple colours could also confuse users, Which is why companies should use one colour scheme.

Make great use of white space

The company should deliver texts and images judiciously. It should be in an efficient way, which ensures the consideration of white space. When the company gives a careful white space between two elements, It helps in relieving the reader. The company should create a balance as too much white will lead to less information on the website.

Test your website on different browsers

There are other browsers except for Google. To cover more users, The company must check their site on different browsers. The company should not get pleased if their website works great on chrome. They should also check Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, etc. They should also check the appearance of the site on mobile devices such as android and apple. In case the website does not work on mobile devices due to flash player, Redesign it for special mobile access.

Display the social icons

The social icons allow sharing the content directly through the website. In case the social icons are not present, Users would find the website less useful. It is not enough to have a dedicated social media page. Social icons will play a crucial role in the growth of the website.

Ensure Enticing Call-To-Actions

The company should make the CTC button enticing, Which encourages people to click on it. The web designer should make Call-To-Actions buttons functional so it could drive users.

Create chat functionality

Customers/ Users would want to contact the office to inquire about the product and services. In the modern era, time is so precious that people cannot afford to give communication time; the company should create chat facilities on their website.